Growing Our Spiritual Gifts (Owen)

(This post was originally published on 6-12-2019) God gives his people spiritual gifts so his people can bless others and bring him glory.For example, Peter tells us to use our gifts to serve one another (1 Pet. 4:10). But the Christian might ask a question: How do we receive spiritual gifts or how do the… Continue reading Growing Our Spiritual Gifts (Owen)

Using Our Gifts (Guinness)

This is my favorite book on Christian calling (vocation): The Call by Os Guinness. I just took it down off my shelf again and I hope to re-read it this week. Here's one section I found just now as I was looking for something in the book. It's a section I have marked up extensively.… Continue reading Using Our Gifts (Guinness)

Your Gifts, Your Church Family (Hill)

I'm halfway through this helpful book: A Place to Belong: Learning to Love the Local Church by Megan Hill. Each chapter is a short exposition and application of the various metaphors in Scripture for the church: flock, body, saints, etc. It's good biblical resource on the nature of the church and what it means to… Continue reading Your Gifts, Your Church Family (Hill)

Calling, Gifts, Service (Guinness)

 If you haven't read The Call by Os Guinness, you should put it on your "to read" Christian book list!  It's an in-depth look at vocation (or calling).  I was looking over some of my highlights in this book today and came across the following quotes that really have been helpful for me and my own… Continue reading Calling, Gifts, Service (Guinness)

Called To Serve (Guinness)

I like this book so much: The Call by Os Guinness.  Here's a section I found this morning while re-reading part of the book.  It has to do with God's call and gifts: "In the biblical understanding of giftedness, gifts are never really ours for ourselves.  We have nothing that was not given us.  Our… Continue reading Called To Serve (Guinness)