Who Could Imagine the Gospel? (Swinnock)

At one point in his book, The Incomparableness of God, George Swinnock reflected on how God's word is incomparable. He said that the depths and profundities of Scripture could not possibly have been imagined or made up by people or angels. Swinnock then asked a series of rhetorical questions to emphasize his point. ...Who could… Continue reading Who Could Imagine the Gospel? (Swinnock)

Conformity to God and Communion with Him (Swinnock)

In the introductory pages to his 1672 publication, The Incomparableness of God, English puritan George Swinnock explained the relationship between the Christian's obedience to God and his fellowship with God. It's a short paragraph, but it's quite rich. It's a good Monday devotional thought. The holiness and happiness of the rational creature consists in these… Continue reading Conformity to God and Communion with Him (Swinnock)

Puritan Treasures for Today

  I recently purchased three books from Reformation Heritage's series called "Puritan Treasures for Today."  I'm familiar with these authors (Greenhill, Swinnock, and Flavel), so I was interested to see if these books are advertised correctly: are they readable for today's average Christian?  In a word, and having read two of the three, yes, they are… Continue reading Puritan Treasures for Today