The Juvenilization of American Christianity

The title of this book made me get it and read it: The Juvenilization of American Christianity by Thomas Bergler (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2012).  It reminded me of a time I was at a Christian thrift shop and a 50+ year old woman was singing along to the CCM music playing in the store (the… Continue reading The Juvenilization of American Christianity

American Revivalist Hymnody

  Many aspects of today's American hymnody are rooted in the 19th century revivals.   This is a huge topic, of course, but to get a little glimpse I like how George Marsden writes about this in Fundamentalism and American Culture. "The surge of revivalism associated with the rise of Charles Finney in the 1820s which… Continue reading American Revivalist Hymnody

Deism, Christianity, and the American Flag

George Marsden's Religion and American Culture is an absolute must read for Christians in the United States who are wrestling with the ever difficult question of how Christianity relates to the American culture.  Though some of our readers may disagree, for the past few years in my studies, I've come to the conclusion that America has… Continue reading Deism, Christianity, and the American Flag

The American Baptism of Secularization (Or The Baptism of American Secularization)

Instead of fighting it, baptize and bless it: "The question of Christianity and civilization was complicated.  Mid-nineteenth-century Western culture was in the midst of a process of secularization - by which is meant a trend away from distinctly Christian influences.  The magnitude of the revolution was, as Martin Marty points out, 'comparable to the Renaissance… Continue reading The American Baptism of Secularization (Or The Baptism of American Secularization)

Pious and Secular America

Back in 1958 Reinhold Niebuhr published a collection of essays which he titled, Pious and Secular America (New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1958).  The first essay has the same title of the book, and I found it to be quite thought-provoking and penetrating.  Notice the depth of these quotes. "...Here we are in the 20th… Continue reading Pious and Secular America