Gen X: Jaded and Shallow?

 In his excellent book, Against Happiness, Eric Wilson discusses (among other things) melancholy's "wonderous paradox," which is "the ability to be serious and playful at once."  "The mood fosters an ability to be utterly involved in the suffering world but also, at the same time, out of the game, above the fray, aloof, tranquil, as graceful… Continue reading Gen X: Jaded and Shallow?

Evangelism: Targets of Marketing

I'm about as Emergent as a dead caterpillar in a sun-dried cocoon, but I appreciated this little bit from Heather Kirk-Davidoff in her contribution to An Emergent Manifesto of Hope (Grand Rapids: Baker, 2007).  It has to do with the "old school" way of evangelism. "Even if your theology is great, even if your church… Continue reading Evangelism: Targets of Marketing