The Covenantal Psalter

In The Structure of Biblical Authority,  Meredith Kline wrote, “The covenant is the Psalter’s sphere of existence” (p. 62).  What does that mean? Is this a case where the theology shark is at work? (The theology shark is when one principle or theme of theology swallows everything else – to the detriment of the whole… Continue reading The Covenantal Psalter

Reading, Literature, and Preaching

I recently finished T. D. Gordon's fine little booklet, Why Johnny Can't Preach (which I'll blog on as soon as I'm out of my deep homiletic depression!) and found myself reading Leland Ryken's chapter in Preach the Word: Essays on Expository Preaching In Honor of R. Kent Hughes ed. Ryken & Wilson (Wheaton: Crossway, 2007). … Continue reading Reading, Literature, and Preaching

New Event, New Words, New Genre

I'm reading a powerful book called Night by Elie Wiesel.  No doubt many of you have read this and/or some other award winning book or play by Wiesel.  Though the content is well worth commenting on, I was very intrigued at Wiesel's search for words to describe the hellish darkness he faced and saw in… Continue reading New Event, New Words, New Genre

Prose and Poetry or Narrative Prologues and Poetic Epilogues

Some OT scholars make hay with the seeming discrepancies between Exodus 14 (the exodus narrative proper) and Exodus 15 (the poetic or hymnic reflection on the exodus).  For example, they discuss the history, authorship, and date of the two chapters.  It is true: on close reading of the two texts, one can see some differences… Continue reading Prose and Poetry or Narrative Prologues and Poetic Epilogues