The Christian’s Sacred Calling (Veith)

God did not create people to be idle and lazy do-nothings. Even in the beginning, the Lord put Adam and Eve in the garden to keep it, work it, and exercise dominion over it (Gen. 1:28; 2:15). As Christians, we can think of our work in terms of God's calling (or vocation). This is a… Continue reading The Christian’s Sacred Calling (Veith)

Martin Chemnitz and the Lutheran Formula of Concord

Martin Chemnitz (d. 1586) was such an influential theologian in the Lutheran branch of the Protestant Reformation that he has been called “the second Martin.”  If you’re interested in this part of church history, here’s a good summary of Chemnitz’s role in the Formula of Concord, the Lutheran confession which was published on June 25,… Continue reading Martin Chemnitz and the Lutheran Formula of Concord


 When I first read through many of Luther's sermons, I was delighted and refreshed to hear the Reformer explain how a person can be a good Christian in and through one's ordinary life stations (parenting, working, being a student, etc.).  It was good for me to learn that a Christian doesn't need to retreat away from… Continue reading Vocation

Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions

 This is an awesome book.  It is handsome, sturdy, well-formatted, and easy to use.  The subtitle is correct: it is A Reader's Edition of the Book of Concord.  Editorial props go to Paul McCain, Edward Englebrecht, Robert Baker, and Gene Veith as well as Concordia Publishing House for a job well done. Now, I'm no Lutheran,… Continue reading Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions