Legalism: Working for God’s Favor Forfeits It

 In this excellent summary of Christian theology (which I've used to train younger as well as newer Christians), J. I. Packer writes the following about legalism. "Legalism is a distortion of obedience that can never produce truly good works.  Its first fault is that it skews motive and purpose, seeing good deeds as essentially ways to earn… Continue reading Legalism: Working for God’s Favor Forfeits It

Christian Liberty: The “Appendage” of Justification

Tucked away between his discussion of justification by faith alone and Christian prayer in The Institutes of Christian Religion, John Calvin wrote a wonderful summary of the meaning and importance of a proper view of Christian liberty. Understanding Christian liberty is "a thing of prime necessity, and apart from a knowledge of it consciences dare… Continue reading Christian Liberty: The “Appendage” of Justification