By His Sovereign Will

In 1559 Antoine Chandieu and John Calvin wrote the first draft of the French Confession (also called the Gallican Confession). That same year the Synod of Paris edited and adopted it. In 1571 it was revised and adopted by the National Synod in La Rochelle, France; therefore sometimes this confession is called the "Confession of… Continue reading By His Sovereign Will

To Humbly Bow Before God’s Secrets

Here’s an excellent section (para. VIII) from the French Confession of Faith (1559).  There are, of course, parallels with the Belgic Confession and the Heidelberg Catechism in this paragraph – but more importantly, it is a great summary of Scripture’s teaching on God’s providence and sovereignty. “We believe that he not only created all things,… Continue reading To Humbly Bow Before God’s Secrets