An Illustration of Arminianism

When we who are Reformed Christians talk about Arminianism we have to be careful not to set up straw men or be misleading when we explain it.  Telling the truth is, of course, what the 9th commandment is all about.  This is one reason I purchased Why I Am Not A Calvinist by Jerry Walls… Continue reading An Illustration of Arminianism

The Cage Phase

  Here's a great excerpt from M. Horton's new book, For Calvinism. "Critics have frequently confused Calvinism with hyper-Calvinism, and sometimes contact with hyper-Calvinists proves the caricature.  Often, bowled over by a sense of God's majesty and grace, new Calvinists enter what we call 'the cage phase.'  Like any new convert, we can be hard to… Continue reading The Cage Phase

Anselm’s “De Concordia”

 I've been reading through Anselm of Canterbury's De Concordia, which was one of the last things he wrote before his death in 1109 AD.  De Concordia is no easy read, since it deals philosophically with the difficult topics of God's foreknowledge and predestination as well as human freedom.  In fact, I'm still wrestling through some… Continue reading Anselm’s “De Concordia”

Luther and ‘By the Law Comes Knowledge of Sin’

Martin Luther's classic, De servo arbitrio (On The Enslaved Will; a.k.a. The Bondage of the Will) is - as many of you know - a response written to the great humanist scholar, Desiderius Erasmus' (d. 1536) Diatribe seu collation de libero arbitrio (Discussion or Dialoge Concerning Free Will). This is one of those "must read"… Continue reading Luther and ‘By the Law Comes Knowledge of Sin’