Definite Atonement and The Free Offer of the Gospel

Sometimes people wrongly think that the doctrine of limited/definite atonement means we can’t preach the gospel to all people because we don’t know if Christ died for them or not.  In hyper-calvinistic circles this might show up from time to time.  However, in solid Reformed theology, we don’t focus on God’s hidden decree and will,… Continue reading Definite Atonement and The Free Offer of the Gospel

The Tender Mercy of God

One of the great old hymns we use here for worship is "Your Mercy" by Isaac Watts.  The first part goes like this: "Your mercy my God is the theme of my song; The joy of my heart and the boast of my tongue!" I love the old theological Latin for mercy, misericordia Dei, which… Continue reading The Tender Mercy of God