Sharing the Gospel with People Who Don’t Know the Bible (Schaeffer)

In chapter five of Francis Schaeffer and the Shaping of Evangelical America, Barry Hankins discussed Francis Schaeffer's 1968 Wheaton College lectures - lectures which were later transcribed and put into book form: Death in the City. It's an interesting story! More could be said about this, for sure, but in Hankin's discussion of Schaeffer's book… Continue reading Sharing the Gospel with People Who Don’t Know the Bible (Schaeffer)

The Media and Manipulation (Schaeffer – 1976)

One thing that has again become clear in the past twelve months is the power mass media has over our culture. From Facebook to major news websites, to TV news stations, to Twitter, media is extremely powerful. In a matter of days or even hours these media sources can create fear in the hearts of… Continue reading The Media and Manipulation (Schaeffer – 1976)

Point of Contact: The Image of God (Schaeffer)

 What is one point of contact between the Christian and someone who isn't a Christian?  When you, a follower of Jesus, are talking to someone who doesn't submit to Christ and his ways, what is your common ground?  There are a few possible biblical answers to this question that has to do with apologetics and… Continue reading Point of Contact: The Image of God (Schaeffer)

Jesus: A Contentless Banner?? (Schaeffer)

 Many Christians have noted a dichotomy in modern thought.  On the upper level is value; on the bottom level is fact.  On the upper level is faith; on the bottom level is reason.  On the upper level is religion; on the bottom level is science.  On the upper level it is non-rational; on the bottom… Continue reading Jesus: A Contentless Banner?? (Schaeffer)

A Unified Answer to Life (Schaeffer)

 I haven't read this whole book yet, but what I have read is quite good: Escape from Reason by Francis Schaeffer.  Here's one helpful section I read this morning: ...Christianity has the opportunity, therefore, to speak clearly of the fact that its answer has the very thing that modern man has despaired of—the unity of… Continue reading A Unified Answer to Life (Schaeffer)