Christians and TV News

  In the past five years, I probably have watched a total of three hours of TV news (and thirty minutes of that was at an airport waiting for a flight to depart).  We don’t have cable or dish, and I never watch network TV news.  I have better things to do that watch the… Continue reading Christians and TV News

Conservative Christian, Liberal Politics?

   I've been waiting for a book like this for a long time: Carl Trueman's Republocrat: Confessions of a Liberal Conservative.  I've often felt out-of-place among Christians when it comes to politics, since I don't buy the scare tactics and logic of Fox News and those talk shows like it, since I don't equate Christianity and American capitalism… Continue reading Conservative Christian, Liberal Politics?

This Just In: Attention News Junkies!

Though I am the opposite of a news junkie (it takes me 4 minutes to read the daily paper - and I don't know the difference between MSNBC and CNN), almost everyone I know is a news junkie.  I try to stay up to date with the general happenings in the country and world, but that's about it.  I don't understand… Continue reading This Just In: Attention News Junkies!