Following Maps

"Knowing is neither a matter of building foundations nor of weaving webs but of following maps.  'Following maps' is a better image because it recognizes the priority of the canonical text and its relationship to reality - just these maps - over one's use or reading of it.  Moreover the drama of doctrine is precisely… Continue reading Following Maps

The Bible and Foundationalism

Foundationalism is a philosophical term for describing how the modern Western world theorizes/ed.  Basically, it means that we form a body of theories from which all bias, falsities, and prejudice has been eliminated, and this forms the foundation of certitude from which we can think.  In Wolterstorff's terms, "the foundationalist sees the house of genuine… Continue reading The Bible and Foundationalism

Vanhoozer on Proof-texting

Kevin Vanhoozer, in his excellent book The Drama of Doctrine, gives the reader some things to consider about proof-texting (compiling a list of texts to prove a point).  To be sure, Vanhoozer certainly affirms that texts teach us doctrinal truth, but he says they do more than that.  For now, note what he says about the dangers of… Continue reading Vanhoozer on Proof-texting