Martin Chemnitz and the Lutheran Formula of Concord

Martin Chemnitz (d. 1586) was such an influential theologian in the Lutheran branch of the Protestant Reformation that he has been called “the second Martin.”  If you’re interested in this part of church history, here’s a good summary of Chemnitz’s role in the Formula of Concord, the Lutheran confession which was published on June 25,… Continue reading Martin Chemnitz and the Lutheran Formula of Concord

The Formula of Concord on Justification Sola Fide

 For me, one of the most debilitating aspects of moralistic theology is the way works sneak in the back door of justification.  One can see this open "back door" in the New Perspectives on Paul, the Federal Vision, and some Arminian evangelicalism. In sharp contrast to this moralistic theology, I love this reformation statement on justification sola fide from… Continue reading The Formula of Concord on Justification Sola Fide

By Faith Alone: The Formula of Concord (SD)

 This is brilliant, life-changing, and amazingly liberating. "[Faith] alone, and nothing else, is the means or instrument with and through which God's grace and Christ's merit in the Gospel promise are received, apprehended, applied to us, and appropriated.  Love and all other virtues or works are excluded from this office and property of such application… Continue reading By Faith Alone: The Formula of Concord (SD)

Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions

 This is an awesome book.  It is handsome, sturdy, well-formatted, and easy to use.  The subtitle is correct: it is A Reader's Edition of the Book of Concord.  Editorial props go to Paul McCain, Edward Englebrecht, Robert Baker, and Gene Veith as well as Concordia Publishing House for a job well done. Now, I'm no Lutheran,… Continue reading Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions