Noah, Moses, Judgment, Mercy (Wenham)

 In Genesis 8:20ff we read of Noah's sacrifice that he offered soon after he, his family, and the animals exited the ark.  Here's how the story goes after Noah's sacrifice: And the Lord smelled the soothing aroma and said to himself, “I will never again curse the ground because of humankind, even though the inclination… Continue reading Noah, Moses, Judgment, Mercy (Wenham)

The Hebrew Term for “The Flood” (TWOT)

 In the famous story of Noah, his family, and the ark, the Hebrew term for flood is not a regular word or phrase for "a lot of water."  There are other words in the OT that mean "a lot of water" (e.g. מַיִם - "waters") and there are phrases that mean "a lot of water"… Continue reading The Hebrew Term for “The Flood” (TWOT)

The Eschatological Background of the Genesis Flood

The flood in Genesis 7-8 was an historical event with many layers of meaning.  It was a time when Yahweh  judged the wicked justly – but it was more than that.  Geerhardus Vos explains (note: “deluge” is another term for “flood”). “The cosmic extent of the deluge-event is both negative and positive. First, negatively, the… Continue reading The Eschatological Background of the Genesis Flood

Mesopotamian Myths and the Genesis Flood

Bruce Walke wrote a nice piece comparing and contrasting the Mesopotamian flood myths and the Biblical account of the flood.  Here it is (most of it, anyway): “There are three Mesopotamian myths: 1) the Sumerian account with the hero Ziusdra, 2)the Old Akkadian account with the hero Atrahasis, and 3) the Old Babylonian account with… Continue reading Mesopotamian Myths and the Genesis Flood