A Living Hell

  Fighting sin can be a living hell.  If a person is trying to renovate himself or become a better person without the gospel, the Word, the Spirit, and prayer, he is fighting Satan without any weapons.  Thomas Watson called a person like this "the old Adam dressed in new clothes."  In reality, he is doomed at the… Continue reading A Living Hell

Comfort While Waging War Against Sin

 This book by Christopher Love on mortification (putting sin to death - Col. 3.5) has been a huge help to me personally and pastorally.  Here's one emphasis of Love's that I found especially helpful.  Often in the battle against sin in our lives, it is easy to despair when we realize how terribly dark and ugly our hearts are. … Continue reading Comfort While Waging War Against Sin

Towards Spiritual Maturity (William Still)

 William Still was an excellent Scottish preacher who died in 1997.  I only recently ran across this man's work, so I can't yet comment more than to say I enjoyed his book, Towards Spiritual Maturity (Ross-Shire: Christian Focus, 2010).  This book is brief, clear, to the point, and very affordable.  Here's one of my favorite quotes from… Continue reading Towards Spiritual Maturity (William Still)