A Brief Study of the Ten Commandments

"Far too many people look at the Law apart from Christ.  They go from the Ten Commandments straight to its application to life, never asking the question: What about Christ?  That inevitably leads to legalism, or the belief that we are able to fulfill the law."  So writes John Fesko in the introduction to his… Continue reading A Brief Study of the Ten Commandments

The Mosaic Covenant: Works, Grace, What?

I finally got it: The Law is not of Faith (Phillipsburg: P&R, 2009).  If you're in the Reformed/Presbyterian tradition (or someone who just wants a peek at our "covenant" tradition), you'll want to grab this.  It is a level-headed historical, theological, and exegetical discussion of the Mosaic covenant. In the introduction, the editors make the… Continue reading The Mosaic Covenant: Works, Grace, What?