Monday Meditation: The Faithfulness of God

Last week when I was looking up some references on the faithfulness of God I found these helpful paragraphs on this topic by Martyn Lloyd-Jones. It's a good Monday meditation! ...Now that brings me to the fourth moral attribute of God, and that is God’s faithfulness. This, in a sense, is included in His righteousness… Continue reading Monday Meditation: The Faithfulness of God

Christian Courage or Christian Compromise? (Guinness)

 "Impossible People" is an excellent book by Os Guinness that discusses what it means to courageously and faithfully follow Jesus in our Western culture that is more and more antagonistic towards the claims of the Christian faith.  We always need a call to stand up for the truth when the going gets tough.  This applies… Continue reading Christian Courage or Christian Compromise? (Guinness)

Called to be Faithful (Guinness)

I like how Os Guinness ended his excellent book, Impossible People. Here's the paragraph: God may stretch out his restraining hand and hold us [Western culture] back from the consequences of our settled choices. In his mercy, he may revive his church, and the Christian faith may flourish once again and provide the working faith of… Continue reading Called to be Faithful (Guinness)

Feelings, Doubt, Faith

  Sometimes doubts arise in our Christian faith.  Some people struggle more, some people struggle less, but all Christians deal with doubt to some extent.  While I appreciate many aspects of Alister McGrath’s book on this topic, Doubting, I really liked the following words he wrote about faith and feelings: [Some people] might suggest that… Continue reading Feelings, Doubt, Faith

The Idol of Relevance

Once again, I very much appreciate the work of Os Guinness – this time in his 2003 work, Prophetic Untimeliness: A Challenge to The Idol of Relevance.  One of Guinness’ major themes of this short book is the following provocative phrase: “Never have Christians pursued relevance more strenuously; never have Christians been more irrelevant” (p.… Continue reading The Idol of Relevance