The Christian Religion and Facts (Machen)

 The Christian faith is not based on feelings and emotions, but facts and truth.  The Christian religion is historical in that its main doctrines and teachings are part of history.  The Christian faith is a historical faith.  Scripture is a what we call a record of redemptive history, things that God did in history to… Continue reading The Christian Religion and Facts (Machen)

Abandon Facts but Keep Feelings? (Machen)

Liberalism is not new.  The liberal seminary magazines I get in the mail are printed in full color and talk about smartphones, laptops, and podcasts, but the liberalism in them pre-dates today's technology.  The magazine I got in the mail last week doesn't mention the cross, sin or the resurrection, and it barely mentions Jesus… Continue reading Abandon Facts but Keep Feelings? (Machen)

Machen on the Love of God

I wish all writers would write as clearly and beautifully as J. G. Machen.  One of the pressing duties of and needs in the Christian church today is clear and unembellished truth without all the equivocation and ambiguity.  Machen can teach all of us many things, one of them is this: be clear and concise.  I've… Continue reading Machen on the Love of God

Newbigin: Facts, Beliefs, and Reason

I've been, as I hinted at earlier, very appreciative of this older but influential work by L. Newbigin, The Gospel in a Pluralist Society.  Another thing that I thought was helpful was Newbigin's  discussion of reason and what it has to do with facts and our beliefs.  Here's a bit. "For a person who dwells… Continue reading Newbigin: Facts, Beliefs, and Reason