Privacy, Data Mining, Surveillance Capitalism, and What To Do (Veliz)

In the past few years I've become more aware of how heavily we are being tracked by various parties. From our smart phones to our smart watches and other smart devices to our internet browsing, different aspects of our lives are being tracked, recorded, stored, and sold. Even right here and now, I know there… Continue reading Privacy, Data Mining, Surveillance Capitalism, and What To Do (Veliz)

The Media and Manipulation (Schaeffer – 1976)

One thing that has again become clear in the past twelve months is the power mass media has over our culture. From Facebook to major news websites, to TV news stations, to Twitter, media is extremely powerful. In a matter of days or even hours these media sources can create fear in the hearts of… Continue reading The Media and Manipulation (Schaeffer – 1976)

Christian Ethics and Digital Media

Around eight years ago, very few people spent time on Facebook or Twitter, nobody had any apps or smartphones, text messages were still a novelty, and the average person spent far less time online that the current average of 6+ hours per day.  How should we view digital media today?  Is there a Christian “ethic”… Continue reading Christian Ethics and Digital Media