The Applicability of the Exodus (Kostenberger/Patterson)

Andreas Kostenberger and Richard Patterson’s Invitation to Biblical Interpretation is a pretty thorough resource on the topic. At over 850 pages, it covers all the areas of interpretation: historical context, literary context, canon, genre, grammar, linguistics, and figures of speech - just to name a few! I haven’t read the whole book, but what I… Continue reading The Applicability of the Exodus (Kostenberger/Patterson)

The Exodus Motif in Scripture (Estelle)

 It's not a new insight for many students of Scripture when they hear that the exodus event is alluded to or referred to many times in the Bible.  From the Psalms to the Prophets to the NT authors, the exodus is an important theme in Scripture.  Bryan Estelle's book, Echoes of Exodus, is a nice survey… Continue reading The Exodus Motif in Scripture (Estelle)

A Historical Exodus: Essential For Christian Theology

The historical nature of the Exodus is of utmost importance in Scripture and for the Christian faith.  Modern critics have questioned, doubted, and denied the historical nature of the Exodus for more than a few years, and in light of this, it is important for Christians to understand and uphold the Bible’s teaching that the… Continue reading A Historical Exodus: Essential For Christian Theology

A Readable Study of the Tabernacle (Ex. 25-40)

  Reformation Trust sent me a copy of this recently released monograph, God in Our Midst by Daniel Hyde, so I want to mention it here.  It is basically a devotional commentary on Exodus 25-40, the section of the Pentateuch that describes the OT tabernacle in much detail.  To be even more precise, the book… Continue reading A Readable Study of the Tabernacle (Ex. 25-40)

Exodus: A Book/Commentary List

I've been preaching through Exodus the last six months or so, and have found the following commentaries and books to be helpful, each in its own way.  The first part is the commentary list, the second is a list of books that contain parts of Exodus themes.  Note: I've printed out and used hundreds (literally!)… Continue reading Exodus: A Book/Commentary List