The “Countercultural Strangeness” of the Gospel

As we know from the stories in Scripture and the stories in church history, the gospel is often not well received. The apostle Paul did say that some view the gospel as foolishness. For others, the gospel is a stumbling block (1 Cor. 1:18-25). Sometimes people will get defensive, upset, and angry when they hear… Continue reading The “Countercultural Strangeness” of the Gospel

A Jew, an African, and Jesus (Hays)

(This is a re-post from September, 2019) The story in Acts 8 where Philip meets an important Ethiopian man is a great story.  The Ethiopian was on his very long trip home after worshiping Yahweh in Jerusalem.  The Holy Spirit led Philip to the point where he eventually shares the gospel with the Ethiopian starting… Continue reading A Jew, an African, and Jesus (Hays)

Exiles in a Post-Christian Society (Williams)

 I've been working through Exiles on Mission by Paul Williams.  So far I'm enjoying it - it's getting me to think about living as Christians in a post-Christian context. I don't agree with everything I've read, but it is surely a good resource on this topic. Here's a paragraph I read this morning that I marked… Continue reading Exiles in a Post-Christian Society (Williams)

Point of Contact: The Image of God (Schaeffer)

 What is one point of contact between the Christian and someone who isn't a Christian?  When you, a follower of Jesus, are talking to someone who doesn't submit to Christ and his ways, what is your common ground?  There are a few possible biblical answers to this question that has to do with apologetics and… Continue reading Point of Contact: The Image of God (Schaeffer)

They Shall Come To Me (Bunyan)

In John 6:37 Jesus said, "All those the Father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never drive away" (NIV). These words of Jesus convey a precious relatity and a comforting promise. They are well worth memorizing! Here's how John Bunyan commented on these words in Come and Welcome… Continue reading They Shall Come To Me (Bunyan)