R. Morrison: Pioneer of the Gospel to China

 Robert Morrison (d. 1834) arrived in China on September 7, 1807 as "the pioneer of the gospel to nearly a quarter of the world's population."  Here's how Bob Davey describes Morrison's story in his excellent book, The Power to Save: A History of the Gospel in China.  "Robert Morrison had been sent to China by the London… Continue reading R. Morrison: Pioneer of the Gospel to China

The Limits of Science (John Blanchard)

   The kind folks at Evangelical Press sent me this book to review: Is God Past His Sell-By Date by John Blanchard.  It is a shorter version of his award-winning Does God Believe in Atheists?  The former is around 230 pages while the latter is around 650.  Is God Past His Sell-By Date is intended for skeptics, people… Continue reading The Limits of Science (John Blanchard)

The Omnipotence of God in Job 9

  Hywel Jones' commentary on Job is one of my favorites on this OT book.  It is textual, theological, practical, and devotional. Though Jones doesn't deal with every Hebrew nuance, it is evident that he has wrestled with the text - it shows in his writing.  Also evident is the fact that Jones wants the reader to 'get'… Continue reading The Omnipotence of God in Job 9

Worship: It’s Not About the Music!

Dan Lucarini, who used to be a 'worship leader' of a 'contemporary praise team' wrote of his journey out of the CCM circle in his book Why I Left the Contemporary Christian Music Movement.  I have that one coming in the mail; more on that later. For now I want to point out his follow-up… Continue reading Worship: It’s Not About the Music!

The Happiness of Heaven

Here's a great little booklet that summarizes the biblical teaching of heaven in a readable and edifying manner: The Happiness of Heaven by Maurice Roberts (Darlington: EP Books, 2009). In just over 100 pages, Roberts discusses the following: belief in heaven/hell, heaven's creation, heaven and sin/salvation, children and heaven, heaven after death, the glorified body,… Continue reading The Happiness of Heaven