No More Chemo!?

(This is a re-post from February 2015) Cancer destroys (too) many lives.  Most of us know someone who has struggled or is struggling with some form of cancer. No doubt some of you are perhaps dealing with it right now in some way.  In this context, the question sometimes arises: should I undergo or forgo… Continue reading No More Chemo!?

Theology Is An Eminenty Practical Affair (Vanhoozer)

Christian doctrine is not an end in itself. In other words, the Christian doesn't learn doctrinal truths just to learn doctrinal truths and brag that he knows quite a bit of doctrine. Instead, Christian doctrine helps the Christian live for God; it helps him or her live a life that pleases God. I appreciate how… Continue reading Theology Is An Eminenty Practical Affair (Vanhoozer)

The Word and Assurance (Bavinck)​

 Here's a nice section on faith, the Spirit, the Word, and the Christian's assurance of salvation.  It's found in volume one of Bavinck's Reformed Ethics:  (Note: if you want to know why the language is somewhat choppy, see below.) "The Holy Spirit... brings us to that point; first, through the Word by making the major premise… Continue reading The Word and Assurance (Bavinck)​

Sex, Humanity, Mind, Body

 I've mentioned this book before: Hooked by Joe McIlhaney and Freda Bush.  While it's not specifically a Christian book, it is a wisdom resource for thinking about sex, our minds, our bodies, our emotions, and our lives.  Below are two paragraphs from the last chapter of the book.  These paragraphs are helpful in and of themselves… Continue reading Sex, Humanity, Mind, Body

Self-glorification and Sin (Bavinck)

 In the second chapter of the first volume of Reformed Ethics, Herman Bavinck discussed the organizing principle and classification of sins.  He mentioned, of course, that sin is disobeying God's law and is the opposite of the good.  He also gave a good explanation of how sin is an attempt to dethrone God and enthrone the… Continue reading Self-glorification and Sin (Bavinck)