Luther on the Term “Free Will”

If you know a few things about Martin Luther, you probably know that he wrote Bondage of the Will in response to Erasmus' book about the freedom of the will (Discussion Concerning Free Will).  Luther argued from Scripture that man, since Adam's fall, is born in sin, dead in sin, and in bondage to sin. … Continue reading Luther on the Term “Free Will”

Luther and ‘By the Law Comes Knowledge of Sin’

Martin Luther's classic, De servo arbitrio (On The Enslaved Will; a.k.a. The Bondage of the Will) is - as many of you know - a response written to the great humanist scholar, Desiderius Erasmus' (d. 1536) Diatribe seu collation de libero arbitrio (Discussion or Dialoge Concerning Free Will). This is one of those "must read"… Continue reading Luther and ‘By the Law Comes Knowledge of Sin’