Commentary List on James’ Epistle

I've spent the past few months preaching and teaching through James' epistle, which was quite the faith-strengthening and repentance-increasing endeavor.  Since there are dozens of commentaries on James, I couldn't use them all.  Here are the ones I've used to some extent, with a brief review of each. 1) Craig Blomberg and Mariam Kamell's Zondervan… Continue reading Commentary List on James’ Epistle

The ZECNT Blog Tour: The Epistle of James

 Zondervan kindly sent me a review copy of their new Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament: James, so I'm taking part in their blog tour today (12/15/10) by giving some feedback on this commentary. I have been using this commentary quite a bit as I preach and teach through the epistle of James, and so far… Continue reading The ZECNT Blog Tour: The Epistle of James