Jesus, Creed, Knowledge, and Faith

 Most of us understand that the phrase "No creed but Christ" is very unhelpful for two reasons: 1) it is illogical because it is creed in and of itself, and 2) one has to define "Christ," and in so doing, the result will be something like a creedal statement.  Geerhardus Vos tackled this unhelpful anti-creedal attitude which was evidently… Continue reading Jesus, Creed, Knowledge, and Faith

Knowledge, Reason, and Theology

 I like this paragraph from Kevin Vanhoozer's Drama of Doctrine (p. 301). "Getting knowledge is more like plotting one's position with a set of maps than it is building a house on a foundation or catching fish in a net.  Theological cartography is a dramatic exercise of holy reason.  Reason is holy not in the sense… Continue reading Knowledge, Reason, and Theology

A Pious Confession of Ignorance

 In the opening section of his discussion of theology proper, Herman Bavinck does a nice job utilizing Augustine and Hilary to explain the biblical teaching that a person can know God truly but not exhastively.   In other words, a person can apprehend God by faith in Jesus, but no one can comprehened him.  The first part of this longer quote… Continue reading A Pious Confession of Ignorance

Lazy Christian Minds?

 Here's a helpful section from Mike Horton's Gospel Commission.  "Lazy minds breed lazy hearts and hands.  The greatest threat to Christianity is never vigorous intellectual criticism but a creeping senility that transforms truths into feelings, public claims into private experiences, and facts into mere values.  Christianity is either true or false, but it is not… Continue reading Lazy Christian Minds?

Ultimate Issues and Choosing My Religion (Sproul)

I'm grateful to P&R Publishing for several review copies of books that have to do with evangelism and apologetics.  Two good ones they sent me concerning apologetics are  R.C. Sproul's Ultimate Issues and his Choosing My Religion.  Ultimate Issues is a brief book (86 pages) about the deepest things in life such as truth, belief, the difference between atheism… Continue reading Ultimate Issues and Choosing My Religion (Sproul)