A Vision for Mission

 I'm grateful to EP Books for sending me a review copy of A Vision for Mission by Daniel Grimwade, Daniel Webber, and Jonathan Bayes.  It is essentially an introduction to Christian missions.  The authors begin and end with what the Bible says about missions: the Triune God is a missionary God and the church is called… Continue reading A Vision for Mission


  The kind folks at EP books sent me a review copy of Paul Cook's Fire From Heaven: Times of Extraordinary Revival.  To be honest, I have mixed feelings about revivals: some had to do with solid doctrine and true calls to faith and repentance.  Others had to do with emotional frenzy and unbiblical mysticism.  Cook's… Continue reading Revival

Worship: It’s Not About the Music!

Dan Lucarini, who used to be a 'worship leader' of a 'contemporary praise team' wrote of his journey out of the CCM circle in his book Why I Left the Contemporary Christian Music Movement.  I have that one coming in the mail; more on that later. For now I want to point out his follow-up… Continue reading Worship: It’s Not About the Music!

Two Good Reads

A few weeks back I finished this historical biography on Anne Bradstreet (1612-1642) by Faith Cook: Anne Bradstreet Pilgrim and Poet (Carlisle: EP Books, 2010).  This is a great introduction to an amazing Puritan woman's life, times, and writings.  Anne came to America with some of the first Puritan refugees in the 1630s and faced… Continue reading Two Good Reads