Belonging and Believing: Going to Church

 As I mentioned earlier, (with a few caveats) I enjoyed Belcher's book, Deep Church (Downers Grove: IVP, 2009).  One section I appreciated is where he discusses the Emergent emphasis on belonging before believing.  Many Emergent churches don't like the traditional way of first making someone believe x, y, and z before they join your church and experience… Continue reading Belonging and Believing: Going to Church

A Non-Institutional, Unorganized Church?

I just finished reading a book that utilizes a "trendy" font, talks about Jesus, kingdom, The Shack, missions, Starbucks, and even Lunesta.  The authors are younger guys with goatees.  It is true, these guys should be Emergent, but they are not.  Instead, they got together to write a book telling why and how the institutional,… Continue reading A Non-Institutional, Unorganized Church?