The Boys Killed by Bears (OR: Elisha’s “Bald” Head?)

2 Kings 2:23-24 is one of those OT stories that stand out after you read it. This is the episode where some youth mock Elisha's "bald head" and are killed by two bears. This is one of the hard texts of the Bible for sure! I appreciate how the story is explained in the book,… Continue reading The Boys Killed by Bears (OR: Elisha’s “Bald” Head?)

The Gospel in the OT

If you're interested in learning how the gospel is proclaimed in the OT, you need to check out this series: The Gospel According to the Old Testament.  I just saw that WTS books is having a great sale on these books: the set is $71.44 (plus $1 shipping).  Another option: if you get 3 of them, there… Continue reading The Gospel in the OT

Elijah and Elijah: Polemics against Baal

In her outstanding comparison of the canonical Elijah/Elisha texts and the ANE Baal texts, Leah Bronner makes the point that the Elijah/Elisha stories are polemics against Baal and his minions.  Here is a summary in her own words. "The writer of these episodes about the lives of these prophets wrote them as deliberate polemics against Canaanite mythology, as we… Continue reading Elijah and Elijah: Polemics against Baal