“Predestination…From All Eternity” (Sproul)

The words predestined, elect, and election are all biblical words. Jesus talked about God's elect people in Matthew 24:22-24. Paul mentions predestination, the elect, and election in various places, including Romans 8:30, 33; 9:11, Titus 1:1, etc). Peter also talked about election and the elect in his first letter (1 Pet. 1:1, 10). The concept… Continue reading “Predestination…From All Eternity” (Sproul)

Election and the Judgement of Charity (Calvin)

Calvin's CommentariesWhen we speak about election, we always have to understand that we don't have God's view or perspective on it.  We don't have access to all the names written in the book of life, nor can we pry into the secret counsel of God.  The question arises: Why does Peter write to Christians scattered… Continue reading Election and the Judgement of Charity (Calvin)


   J. Gresham Machen (d. 1937) has an oustanding explanation of predestination in his little book The Christian View of Man.  I realize this biblical doctrine is a tough one.  If you've wrestled with it or know someone who struggles with this doctrine, I recommend reading chapters 3-6 of The Christian View of Man.  I'll give a… Continue reading Predestination