A Philosophy of (Christian School) Education

This book was a pleasant surprise: Piety and Philosophy: A Primer for Christian Schools by Richard A. Riesen (2nd ed.).  Riesen has been working with and in Christian schools for many years and has worked through the major issues and discussions that come with Christian schooling.  This book, Piety and Philosophy, is Riesen’s wisdom and… Continue reading A Philosophy of (Christian School) Education

Dear Christian School Teachers…

 Yesterday I mentioned J. G. Machen’s 1933 address to the Educational Convention of the National Union of Christian Schools.  Near the end of his address, he had some encouraging words for Christian school teachers (and I echo them): “I cannot bring this little address to a close without trying to pay some sort of tribute… Continue reading Dear Christian School Teachers…

The Christian School, American Liberty, and the Christian Faith

I'm thankful to God for the small but solid Christian school I attended in rural Northwest Iowa some years back; I'm also thankful for the small but solid Christian school my kids attend today here in Western Wisconsin.  On the topic of Christian schools, this speech J. G. Machen gave in 1933 at the "Educational… Continue reading The Christian School, American Liberty, and the Christian Faith

Wisdom, Ignorance, Knowledge, Seminary

Around six months ago I wrote a short review of this book: Excellence: The Character of God and the Puruit of Scholarly Virtue by Andreas Kostenberger.  To summarize that review, I really liked the book and recommend it.  As I was paging through it again recently, I found this section that I had marked up. … Continue reading Wisdom, Ignorance, Knowledge, Seminary

Worship and the Technology Bandwagon

I'm amazed and enthralled by modern technological advances.  I used to read Popular Mechanics with audible sounds of astonishment.  The first time I played around on my Ipod 4th Gen my wife rolled her eyes because I was practically prancing around the room in awe.  However, I'm also in full agreement (as I noted here before) with Quentin Schultze's… Continue reading Worship and the Technology Bandwagon