Christ’s Suffering, Our Suffering (Clowney)

 Peter knew well what it means that Jesus suffered.  Peter witnessed the sufferings of Christ and he knew that Jesus' suffering was redemptive.  You can read more about his teaching on suffering in his epistles, of course.  Peter also knew that our suffering as Christians is connected to Christ's suffering: "But rejoice inasmuch as you… Continue reading Christ’s Suffering, Our Suffering (Clowney)

The Spirits in Prison? (Clowney)

 Sometimes when we get into the details of the exegesis, syntax, grammar, and interpretation of a passage we forget or miss the big picture.  I appreciate how Edmund Clowney discussed the "hard text" of 1 Peter 3:19-20 in such a way that he didn't forget the bigger picture of the surrounding context.  Here's what he… Continue reading The Spirits in Prison? (Clowney)

Our Living Hope (Clowney)

Reading through Edmund Clowney's commentary on 1 Peter 1:3-5 this morning brought me to these excellent observations about Christian hope: Peter writes a letter of hope. The hope he proclaims is not what we call a ‘fond hope’. We cherish fond hopes because they are so fragile. We ‘hope against hope’ because we do not… Continue reading Our Living Hope (Clowney)

The Relationship between Systematic Theology and Practical Theology (Murray)

John Murray explained the relationship between systematic theology and practical theology so well in his charge to Edmund Clowney when Clowney was installed as professor of practical theology at Westminster Theological Seminary (1963). Here's what Murray said: Practical theology is principally systematic theology brought to practical expression and application. And this means the whole counsel… Continue reading The Relationship between Systematic Theology and Practical Theology (Murray)

“The Preacher Who Takes Up Vos’ Biblical Theology…” (Clowney)

Over the past 15+ years I've come to a pretty strong conviction that an understanding of redemptive history is of utmost importance in the pulpit ministry.  Preaching that has no understanding of redemptive history is preaching that lacks.  There are nuances to this discussion of course.  I'm not an advocate of hyper redemptive-historical preaching.  And… Continue reading “The Preacher Who Takes Up Vos’ Biblical Theology…” (Clowney)