Behaviors, Addictions, and Helping One Another (Welch)

Scripture often calls God's people to help one another (1 Cor. 16:11, 2 Cor. 1:11, Phil. 4:16, 1 Thess. 5:14, etc.). One aspect of loving one another in a Christ-like way is giving others of our time, energy, and effort to help when and where help is needed. Speaking of this topic, here's how Ed… Continue reading Behaviors, Addictions, and Helping One Another (Welch)

Ten Ways to Bless an Enemy (Welch)

Many Christians know those verses in Scripture that call us to do good to our enemies and to people who hate us. Jesus said we must love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us (Mt. 5:44). He also told us to bless people who curse us (Lk. 6:28). The Apostles echoed these teachings… Continue reading Ten Ways to Bless an Enemy (Welch)

The Way of Humility in Fighting Anger (Welch)

Ed Welch As I've mentioned before, Ed Welch's little devotional called A Small Book about a Big Problem is a helpful resource for combating anger in the Christian life. This morning I was helped by Welch's explanation of humility and what it has to do with fighting anger: To learn the way of humility, start by remembering these simple realities: 1.… Continue reading The Way of Humility in Fighting Anger (Welch)

Christian Warfare and Depression (Welch)

 Satan and his wicked army often attack Christians and try to get us to believe lies.  Sometimes we believe the lies and our lives go downhill in various ways.  We stumble into sin, we hurt someone, we go through a period of depression, and the list goes on.  What do we do when Satan attacks… Continue reading Christian Warfare and Depression (Welch)

Talking To A Fellow Christian About His or Her Sin (Welch)

Christians are not loners who plow through life by themselves - at least they shouldn't go it alone!  Since we believe in the fellowship of the saints, there are times when one Christian has to talk to another Christian about his or her sin.  If it is done out of love, if it follows biblical… Continue reading Talking To A Fellow Christian About His or Her Sin (Welch)