A Good Resource on Ecclesiastes

Michael V. Fox’s JPS commentary on Ecclesiastes is a helpful Jewish resource on this difficult OT wisdom book.  As with the other JPS commentaries, there is the Hebrew text along with translation and commentary.  Here are a few quotes I thought were helpful (taken from the introduction). “Ecclesiastes is a strange and disquieting book.  It… Continue reading A Good Resource on Ecclesiastes

Great Resource on Wisdom Literature

Here’s a fine resource you’ll want to get if you need a scholarly introduction to biblical and extra-biblical wisdom literature: Roland Murphy, The Tree of Life, 3rd edition, (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2002).  In this book, Murphy discusses Proverbs, Job, Qoheleth (Ecclesiastes), Ben Sira, the Wisdom of Solomon, Lady Wisdom, and other similar literature and wisdom… Continue reading Great Resource on Wisdom Literature