No Lone Christian: Kuyper on the Fellowship of the Saints

One of the most dangerous situations a Christian can find himself in is isolation: isolation from God's people. If you read the New Testament and think about the community of believers (the church) you won't find good stories about great Christians purposely following Jesus alone, solo, by themselves. It was just the opposite: the disciples… Continue reading No Lone Christian: Kuyper on the Fellowship of the Saints

The Tabernacle Was A Type

Here’s a great section of Vos’ Biblical Theology.  It’s a little dense/detailed, but it is helpful: “…What is true of the Christ is likewise true of the Church.  Of that also the tabernacle was a type.  This could not be otherwise, because the Church is the body of the risen Christ.  For this reason the… Continue reading The Tabernacle Was A Type

Daniel, Luke, and the Ascension of Christ

Douglas Farrow has a nice comparison of Daniel 7's apocalyptic images and Luke's two-fold emphasis on the ascension of Christ (Luke 24 and Acts 1-2).  See Ascension and Ecclesia (Edinburgh: T&T Clark, 1999), 24-6. "Daniel and Luke-Acts are clearly engaged in telling one and the same story, about the same great journey of God's elect, with… Continue reading Daniel, Luke, and the Ascension of Christ