The Reformation and the Church Calendar (Benedict)

The topic of Reformed churches and their use of a church calendar is a somewhat detailed topic. The Protestant Reformation obviously included a reformation of worship according to the Word. The Reformers' opinions about the church calendar differed. By in large, the church calendar was looked down upon by Reformed churches. At the same time,… Continue reading The Reformation and the Church Calendar (Benedict)

Easter and the Fear of Hell (Boston)

 Although many people mock the truth of hell's existence, some people struggle with the fear of hell.  Some people are afraid of spending eternity facing a punishment in a place where there is forever weeping and gnashing of teeth.  It's hard to think about suffering God's eternal wrath against sin.  On this topic,  Thomas Boston… Continue reading Easter and the Fear of Hell (Boston)

Easter As The Starting Point

"It is obvious that the story of the empty tomb cannot be fitted into our contemporary worldview, or indeed into any worldview except one of which it is the starting point.  That is, indeed, the whole point.  What happened on that day is, according to the Christian tradition, only to be understood by analogy with… Continue reading Easter As The Starting Point

Jefferson’s Good Friday Note

What does Good Friday look like to a deist?  Thomas Jefferson's bible is a good example (you can find the whole thing online in a few places).  Here's how he ends his cut-and-paste NT which he called The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth (it's from 17:62-64).  (Side note: I wonder if they mention this "text" in… Continue reading Jefferson’s Good Friday Note

Easter’s Epistemology: A Meditation

While preparing the Sunday morning sermon, I noted several commentators' hints that Easter has a lot to do with epistemology (how we know what we know). Of course this trickles over into the realm of apologetics, but I'm not going there now. Willimon, for example, calls Easter "God's ultimate intrusion." In a sermon Luther preached… Continue reading Easter’s Epistemology: A Meditation