Preaching the Catechism(?)

In the confessional German and Dutch Reformed traditions ministers typically preach what is called a catechetical sermon for one of the two Lord’s Day services.  This is a helpful way to keep God’s people rooted in the main truths of the Christian faith as outlined by Romans and echoed in the Heidelberg Catechism: 1) Guilt/Sin,… Continue reading Preaching the Catechism(?)

The Covenant of Works in Dutch and German Reformed Theology

Wilhelmus Schortinguis was a pastor who served in German and Dutch Reformed churches until he died in 1750.  Though not all of his work was widely accepted and read, his booklet that summarized the Christian faith in catechetical form was quite popular.  The title of this booklet is Essential Truths in the Heart of a… Continue reading The Covenant of Works in Dutch and German Reformed Theology

The Law/Gospel Distinction in Old Holland

One thing I’ve mentioned quite a bit here over the last five years is how the law/gospel distinction is part of the veins and sinews of historic Reformed theology.  More narrowly, the law/gospel distinction is also part of the Dutch Reformed theological tradition.  Here’s a great later example of this by Herman Bavinck, found on… Continue reading The Law/Gospel Distinction in Old Holland

Bavinck’s “Sharp” Law/Gospel Contrast

Here's Herman Bavinck (d. 1921) on the law/gospel distinction.  No doubt Ursinus, Boston, Turretin, and Watson would put their stamp of approval on this.  Note: right before this section Bavinck criticizes the Papacy for making the gospel into a second law and "erasing" the "Pauline antithesis of law and gospel" (even the modern RC catechism uses similar language… Continue reading Bavinck’s “Sharp” Law/Gospel Contrast

Systematic Theology: In Catechism Form

 I just got this in the mail from Reformation Heritage Books (RHB): Essential Truths in the Heart of a Christian by Wilhlemus Schortinghuis.  (If you're Dutch, that's Nodige Waarheden in het Herte van een Christen)  Schortinghuis (the most Dutch Dutch name I've ever heard!) was a pastor in the Reformed churches of Holland in the early to mid 18th century.  He… Continue reading Systematic Theology: In Catechism Form