Abortion, Disability, and Eugenics

I really like this book: How To Be A Christian In A Brave New World by Joni Eareckson Tada and Nigel De S. Cameron.  I’ve mentioned it on this blog before (here and here), so I won’t review all the details.  Instead, I’d like to quote a helpful paragraph by Tada that has to do… Continue reading Abortion, Disability, and Eugenics

Ethics, Suffering, and Down Syndrome

Stanley Hauerwas is one of my favorite Christian ethicists.  I don't always agree with his theological positions or his ethical conclusions, but I am always challenged, informed, and helped by his essays on ethics.  This morning I read "Should Suffering Be Eliminated?" found in chapter 8 of The Hauerwas Reader.   This essay was the response to a 1984 video that informed… Continue reading Ethics, Suffering, and Down Syndrome