The Problem of Evil in Atheism (Groothuis)

 In chapter 25 of Christian Apologetics, Douglas Groothuis discusses the problem of evil from a Christian perspective.  In this chapter he gives five unsatisfactory answers to evil.  The first one is atheism.  I thought this was quite helpful: Given the surfeit of evil, atheism advances itself as intellectually and morally superior to Christianity (and any religion).  Atheism is… Continue reading The Problem of Evil in Atheism (Groothuis)

The Truth of God: Not Trendy (Groothuis)

 I find myself going back to this book several times each year in my studies: Truth Decay by Douglas Groothuis.  In chapter three Groothuis gives a nice summary of the biblical view of truth.  I appreciate them all, but number five sticks out to me right now: The truth of God is eternally engaging and monument,… Continue reading The Truth of God: Not Trendy (Groothuis)

“What is Man?” and Apologetics (Pascal)

As I've mentioned a few times here before, Douglas Groothuis' Christian Apologetics is one of my favorite books on this topic.  I don't agree with every part of it, but every part of it is insightful and worth reading.  One part that sticks out is the chapter called "Deposed Royalty."  This chapter is a discussion… Continue reading “What is Man?” and Apologetics (Pascal)

Pragmatism and Postmodernity (Groothuis)

In chapter six of Doug Groothuis' helpful book, Christian Apologetics, he does a nice job explaining and refuting postmodernism from a Christian point of view.  He notes that in postmodernity, "dialoging about one religion being true or another false is beside the point.  All are 'true' in the postmodern sense because they give meaning and direction to… Continue reading Pragmatism and Postmodernity (Groothuis)

Natural Theology and Apologetics (Groothuis)

One debate that arises in the area of apologetics is the role or place of natural theology in defending the faith.  By "natural theology" I mean the apologetic method that uses logic to derive rational arguments for God's existence from nature.  Natural theology goes hand in hand with general revelation, the fact that God reveals… Continue reading Natural Theology and Apologetics (Groothuis)