Five Perspectives on Emerging Churches

 This is a good book which serves a good purpose: getting a general look at the beliefs and practices of emerging churches.  "Emerging churches" is a broad term, of course, which includes Emergent Villiage to (sort of) the Acts29 network.  I appreciated editor Robert Webber's intro and conclusion, which had to do with church, history, and cultural interaction.  He put… Continue reading Five Perspectives on Emerging Churches

The Emergent Manifesto (A Quick Review)

I finally finished this: An Emergent Manifesto of Hope (ed. by Doug Pagitt and Tony Jones).  As you may know from earlier posts, I'm about as Emergent as a dead stick.  At the same time, the "movement" fascinates me, and is something I as a pastor want to know something about.  Also, to be sure, the… Continue reading The Emergent Manifesto (A Quick Review)