Word Study Fallacies (Carson)

 Many preachers, speakers, and Bible teachers know at least a little Greek.  Knowing a little Greek isn't a bad thing, but trying to use the little Greek one knows often turns out badly.  One example is when it comes to Greek word studies.  Word study errors are legion.  From defining the word by its root,… Continue reading Word Study Fallacies (Carson)

God’s Wrath, God’s Love, and the Cross (Carson)

 God's love and his wrath are on display throughout the Bible.  I realize "the wrath of God" sounds harsh in many people's ears, but it clearly is a teaching of the Bible.  It's a teaching that has to do with the perfect justice of God.  Here's how Don Carson well explained the love and wrath of… Continue reading God’s Wrath, God’s Love, and the Cross (Carson)

Worshiping Worship (or Making an Idol of Worship)

Ironically, sometimes people who are constantly seeking better worship might just be worshiping the worship "experience" instead of God.  Yes, our hearts are sinful to the extent that we'd make an idol out of worship or a worship "experience."  God help us!  Don Carson put it this way: "It is disturbingly easy to plot surveys… Continue reading Worshiping Worship (or Making an Idol of Worship)

The Appeal: Turn To Jesus And Be Saved!

A friend recently recommended Timothy Keller’s Center Church (Grand Rapids, Zondervan, 2012).  Since I value my friend’s recommendations, since I don’t know much about Keller’s ministry, and since it is good to be challenged in the areas of pastoral ministry and church planting, I’m reading through this book.  So far, I have mixed thoughts.  Some… Continue reading The Appeal: Turn To Jesus And Be Saved!

Tolerance, Truth, and Love

When it comes to the topic of tolerance, the prevalent cultural attitude today is that we should be more concerned about being “nice” than upholding the truth.  On the other end of the spectrum, and in some Christian circles, is the (inconsistent) practice of upholding the truth with a sort of loveless arrogance.  I appreciate… Continue reading Tolerance, Truth, and Love