Reformed Dogmatics and Reformed Ethics (Bavinck)

So good! "...The difference [between dogmatics and ethics] does not lie in the fact that the former deals with the understanding and knowledge, while the latter is concerned with the will and conduct. This would boil down to a division of human beings into two parts, of which one half is purely intellectual and the… Continue reading Reformed Dogmatics and Reformed Ethics (Bavinck)

Vos’ Reformed Dogmatics Volume One – A Brief Review

As some of our readers know, Geerhardus Vos was an excellent Dutch Reformed theologian and professor around the turn of the 20th century.  At one point, he wrote out his notes from his systematic theology class and kept them in five volumes, which were transcribed and printed in 1910 (in Dutch).  Lexham Press has done… Continue reading Vos’ Reformed Dogmatics Volume One – A Brief Review

Knowledge, Reason, and Theology

 I like this paragraph from Kevin Vanhoozer's Drama of Doctrine (p. 301). "Getting knowledge is more like plotting one's position with a set of maps than it is building a house on a foundation or catching fish in a net.  Theological cartography is a dramatic exercise of holy reason.  Reason is holy not in the sense… Continue reading Knowledge, Reason, and Theology

Hyper-BT (or The Exegetical Hat-Trick)

In many ways, I'm indebted to the biblical theological (a.k.a. redemptive-historical) movement of the last 75 years (give or take).  I appreciate guys like Meredith Kline and Gregory Beale, for two different examples, but I'm a bit wary of several aspects of biblical theology (see here, here, and here for a few examples).  I think many biblical theologians could… Continue reading Hyper-BT (or The Exegetical Hat-Trick)

The Patristics and Systematics

I'm sure many of you - like myself - have heard a hundred critiques of systematic theology.  They go like this: it is totally modernistic, it is rationalistic, it is cold and dry like a brick wall, it is a product of the scientific branch of the Enlightenment, it imposes a dogmatic aspect upon Scripture… Continue reading The Patristics and Systematics