Open Theism from an Open Theist’s Pen

Awhile back I gave an Arminian theologian’s illustration of Arminianism (here).  I reminded our readers that when we explain and critique other perspectives, we have to do our best to follow the 9th commandment.  So in that light, I want to explain briefly the basics of Open Theism from the pen of an Open Theist. … Continue reading Open Theism from an Open Theist’s Pen

Divine Simplicity (Simplicitas Dei)

Here are two Christian theologians’ discussions of divine simplicity (simplicitas Dei).  The first, comes from Anselm of Canterbury (around 1080) in Proslogion: “What are you, Lord, what are You; what shall my heart understand You to be?  You are, assuredly, life, You are wisdom, You are truth, You are goodness, You are blessedness, You are… Continue reading Divine Simplicity (Simplicitas Dei)