God Hates Divorce: Slogan or Scripture?

Several weeks ago, I noted how some common translations of Malachi 2:16 are unhelpful because they make the text say that God hates divorce (e.g. NKJV, KJV, NIV).  However, the Malachi 2:16 doesn’t say that; it says, ‘For the man who hates and divorces,’ says the LORD, the God of Israel, ‘covers his garment with… Continue reading God Hates Divorce: Slogan or Scripture?

Did Jesus Forbid All Divorce?

 Is every instance of divorce sinful in God's sight?  Did Jesus forbid all divorce?  Does God hate all divorce?  The answer to each of these questions is the same: No.  God himself "divorced" Israel for her spiritual adultery.  Also, I mentioned last week that a good translation of Malachi 2:16 is “If one hates and… Continue reading Did Jesus Forbid All Divorce?

God Hates Divorce?

“…For I hate divorce….’  These words in Malachi 2:16 are known (but not always lived out!) by many evangelicals.  It should be noted, however, that this translation isn’t accepted by nearly all commentators or Bible translations (i.e. Luther, the Septuagint, the ESV, etc).  One issue is that the Hebrew verb (hate/sanah) is 3rd person masculine… Continue reading God Hates Divorce?