The Privilege and Responsibility of Following Christ

Being loved, chosen, called, changed, and kept by Christ is a privilege that comes with a responsibility.  Jerry Bridges puts it well: Privilege: Our positions of being justified, adopted, and a new creation in Christ are ours, but they are basically privileges.  God has done it all through Christ.  We who used to be in… Continue reading The Privilege and Responsibility of Following Christ

Christian Duty

“Duty” is a word that has been used throughout history in the positive sense of the term.  From soldiers to civil servants to police officers to doctors to common laborers, many people have done their tasks because they believed it was their duty to do so.  This sense of duty is usually a good thing.… Continue reading Christian Duty

Systematic Theology For Children

One of the blessings of the Reformed/Presbyterian tradition is the emphasis and practice of training covenant children in the way of the Lord.  Early on in the Reformation, the Reformers wrote and preached not just for adults, but for children as well.  In fact, the Heidelberg Catechism and the Westminster Shorter Catechism were written to… Continue reading Systematic Theology For Children

He Left All (?) To Follow Jesus

In chapter 5:27-29 Luke records the story of Jesus calling Levi (Matthew) away from his tax booth. Levi answers the call by standing up, leaving everything, and following Jesus.  What does it mean to “leave everything?”  We may have heard guilt-trip type sermons on this before, always making us think we haven’t really “left all.” … Continue reading He Left All (?) To Follow Jesus

Gospel-Centered Discipleship (A Review)

I’ve recently been looking into books that give guidelines and helps for discipleship and mentoring.  As a pastor, I regularly meet with men to pray, read Scripture, and give encouragement, so some structure and advice is always helpful.  I just finished Jonathan Dodson’s Gospel-Centered Discipleship, so I thought I’d review it here. This little book… Continue reading Gospel-Centered Discipleship (A Review)