Christians and Religious Food Laws (Bray)

 Genesis 9:1-17 is a major story and text in the history of redemption. In fact, it's still very applicable to us today in our context.  While the detailed laws and regulations in the Mosaic covenant applied specifically to that nation then and there, the regulations in Genesis 9 are applicable even today since God's words… Continue reading Christians and Religious Food Laws (Bray)

Taking Care of Yourself (Murray)

 In our fast-paced digital world where everyone is always on the move, it happens quite often that we end up not taking good care of ourselves.  We are in a hurry, so we eat convenient foods that are unhealthy, foods that are not good fuel for our bodies and brains.  We don't have time to… Continue reading Taking Care of Yourself (Murray)

Diets, Exercise, Food: A Biblical Perspective

When it comes to diet and exercise, there are two extremes.  One is to exercise too little at eat too much.  The other is to exercise too much and eat too little.  While it's unhealthy and sinful to be a lazy glutton, it's also unhealthy and sinful to be an exercise addict who is a… Continue reading Diets, Exercise, Food: A Biblical Perspective

The Thin Idol (Or: The Idolatry of Being Thin)

We would be wrong if we thought that eating disorders and obsession with weight and size were things that only teenage girls struggled with.  In fact, many adult women struggle with these things, as do men of various ages.  In our superficial culture where outward appearance is everything, it's easy for us to become obsessed… Continue reading The Thin Idol (Or: The Idolatry of Being Thin)