Proper Christian Hatred

One of the most frequent ethical exhortations in the Bible is for God’s people to love – him, fellow Christians, and others (even praying for our enemies).  But there is an object of hatred that is proper in the Christian life.  We can and should hate Satan and his kingdom of darkness.  Satan is a… Continue reading Proper Christian Hatred

We Always Need the Gospel…Always

 I've often told people that if they do not constantly and clearly hear the gospel preached in their church, something is terribly wrong.  They need to 1) pray, 2) lovingly approach the elders/pastor(s), and if change doesn't come over time, they need to 3) find a church that preaches the gospel constantly and clearly.  By "gospel" I… Continue reading We Always Need the Gospel…Always

The Devil’s Christmas Fist

Though I don't get too "into" the holidays, I never tire of hearing about the Incarnation.  Here's a great piece by Luther showing the beauty of the truth that God became man. "When we were still under the papacy, they used to tell this story.  Once upon a time the devil attended Mass in a church… Continue reading The Devil’s Christmas Fist