Christians Engaging Politics

 I've really enjoyed the healthy discussions (here and in private) my blog post on Carl Trueman's book, Republocrat, provoked.  And now, lest you think I advocate an anabaptistic "let alone" position towards politics, I'll quote a few statements of Trueman advocating careful political engagement.  "When it comes to listening to the news, Christians should be eclectic in their… Continue reading Christians Engaging Politics

The Myth of a Christian Nation

I recently grabbed this book, The Myth of a Christian Nation, from a huge CBD discount sale - it was under $5.  Though I'm not a fan of Greg Boyd, this book is interesting and worth reading.  I don't buy all of Boyd's premises (such as his Anabaptist theology and pacifism), but he does make some good points.  I believe… Continue reading The Myth of a Christian Nation