The Christian Faith Is True Regardless… (Guinness)

Here's a great reminder from Os Guinness that the Christian faith is true despite the fact that our attempts at defending it sometimes fall flat.  It's also a great caution about putting too much stock in apologetic debates: "...Faith in God is true because it is true - not because we, or David, or Elijah… Continue reading The Christian Faith Is True Regardless… (Guinness)

Three Essentials For Apologetics

I’ve not yet been disappointed by a book Os Guinness has written.  Fool’s Talk is no exception.  This is one of the best books on apologetics that I’ve read.  Fool’s Talk is the product of many years of study, reflection, dialogue, and prayer: Os Guinness waited a long time to write this work, and I’m… Continue reading Three Essentials For Apologetics

All Religions Don’t Lead to God

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard people say things like this: “All roads lead to God,” or, “People of all faiths pray to the same God,” or, “We’re all praying to the same God.”  These statements sound nice, tolerant, and politically correct.  However, they are both illogical and unbiblical.  Kenneth Samples, in Without… Continue reading All Religions Don’t Lead to God

Humility in Apologetics

P&R publishing was kind enough to send me a review copy of Richard Ramsay's The Certainty of the Faith (2007).  This is a 280 page intermediate discussion of Christian apologetics.  In this book, Ramsay summarizes the main points and history of Western philosophy, he points out a few significant Christian apologists and explains their emphases,… Continue reading Humility in Apologetics

Judging The Christian Faith

I like how J.B. Phillips ends his classic book, Your God is Too Small.  "Critics often complain that if the world is in its present state after nineteen centuries of Christianity, then it cannot be a very good religion.  They make two ridiculous mistakes." "In the first place, Christianity - the real thing - has… Continue reading Judging The Christian Faith